Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring is the core of my work at The Writing Coach. As I am a working writer, I work with only a limited number of clients. Please do fill in the contact form if you wish to enquire about availability.

Jacqui helps you to develop sustainable writing habits.


I work with you to support you as you design a writing life that is engaging, sustainable and productive.I specialise in helping clients to take their writing lives seriously. I work with you to enable you to create the discipline, the routine, and the passion that will be the foundation of your creative practice.  In addition I offer feedback on your writing work and regular accountability.



It is important to me that our work together enables you to become more confident and professional in your writing. Every client is unique and I offer a variety of approaches to our work together:  I tailor my approach depending on your needs.


A coaching approach gives you the space you need to figure out the next steps in your writing life. I ask questions that challenge you to think clearly about your own creative practice.


When you work with me as a mentor, you have the opportunity to learn from my own experience; I speak as an industry professional who can share her expertise and offer direct advice.


Many of my clients seek feedback on their writing work as part of their ongoing work with me.  In addition, I am able to offer direct consultancy on aspects of your professional life, from time management to finding an agent to self-publishing and promoting yourself online via the web and social media.

I coach internationally by telephone and can also offer in-person sessions at  The British Library in London or other central London meeting spots. All coaching includes full email support between sessions.


Our Coaching and Mentoring Packages:

The Writing Life:

The Writing Life is a coaching-only package where coaching can be conducted by telephone or in-person.  It also includes full email support between sessions.  You speak with Jacqui every two weeks for a full hour.  After each coaching session, you are invited to submit a review form to confirm your action plan.

Jacqui coaches on all aspects of the writing life and the creative process including: inspiration; motivation; creative blocks; methods of working; time management; relationships; boundaries; productivity; business skills; creative process; self-marketing; confidence; submissions and publishing.

For details of fees for the Writing Life and Full Mentor packages, click here.

The Full Mentor:

Jacqui Lofthouse with client Lin Treadgold at the ‘Romantic Novelists’ Association Winter Party’

The Full Mentor is a coaching and literary consultancy package.   Coaching can be conducted by telephone or in-person.  It also includes full email support between sessions.  After each coaching session you are invited to submit a review form to confirm your action plan.

This package includes reading and full annotation of up to 25 pages (double-spaced 12 pt) of  your writing work per session.  Jacqui will make notes, consider your work and give you detailed constructive criticism and feedback during your calls/meetings. She will also return your manuscripts with detailed pencil-annotated notes. Please note however that this is not a full editing service.

The Full Mentor is for those who are fully committed to their writing and are ready to take their work to the next level. Our coaching can address many areas of your life and your writing, including inspiration, motivation, writer’s block, productivity, time management, working methods, business skills, self-marketing, confidence, submissions and publishing.

Jacqui will support you at every stage of your writing life, whether you are a beginner or an experienced author. Our mutual aim is to help you have a writing life that you love; for writing to be an integrated part of your life; for you to achieve your writing goals with ease.

When you join us as a Full Mentor client, you will open up your awareness of what is possible for you as an individual and as a writer. We offer firm constructive criticism about your work in progress, to ensure your work is as good as it can possibly be. If you are ready to take yourself seriously as a writer, this is the option for you.

In essence: Jacqui is here to support you as you forge a writing life.



For details of fees for the Writing Life and the Full Mentor packages, click here.

For details of the Ultimate Literary Coaching package, click here.