Audio interviews with authors and editors now released:

Jacqui Lofthouse interviews authors and editors about the process of writing and publication:

To celebrate the publication of my comic novel ‘How To Be A Literary Genius’ (“a comedy for anyone who ever faced the blank page and survived it” – see right), I have now released more material previously for paying members only. These audio interviews with authors including Louise Doughty, John Harding, Emma Darwin and Louise Voss are now freely available to all to download here. I do hope that you enjoy this material. If you do, please spread the word and share with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. There’s plenty here to inspire you to write and to help you hone your skills. I hope these interviews remind you to believe in your own voice and I’m certain you will find much here to encourage you to complete your writing projects, as well as useful advice on finding an agent and a publisher.  I really enjoyed conducting these interviews and learned so much personally from talking with the authors.

I look forward to hearing your success stories and do hope that you enjoy the interviews. They are permanently available on the site via the Archives tab above.

Louise Doughty

Louise Doughty, Author of ‘Whatever You Love’ – Shortlisted for the 2011 Costa Prize

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